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“You can’t make love mean something it was never meant to be...”


Love and marriage are beautiful things. Having someone that you can spend your life with can be blissful and rewarding. On the other end, love can be a trap. In other words, you can have the good, but if you’re not careful, the ugly side of love can rear its head, causing you to have many issues.


This is why we wrote this book. While we appreciate all of the benefits of love, we have discovered that love and marriage is not for the weak, uncommitted, or immature. Throughout this book you will discover keys to help you avoid the love trap—in short, avoiding making love something that it was never meant to be.


DeAndre & Porsha Riley

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Young Married Couple exists to empower and encourage young married couples to not only survive the early years of marriage, but to also thrive. 

Through events, programs, workshops, coaching and the sharing of information & resources, we aim to provide young married couples with the tools and strategies needed to make it through the unique challenges that confront all new(er) marriages.

If you desire growth in your marriage, whether it is becoming better communicators, increasing parenting knowledge and skills, greater intimacy with your spouse, maintaining your faith, mental health & self-care strategies; keys for balancing life, marriage, business, education, or ministry, or if you're simply looking for a community of other like-minded married people, we encourage you to connect with us.

Connect with us on social media (@YoungMarriages | #YoungMarriedCouple), and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Countless young married couples, individuals, and organizations have been impacted by the words and wisdom of DeAndre & Porsha Riley. As ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, and parents they are a constant source of encouragement and empowerment. Together they are the founders of Strive Church, a cutting edge ministry in Metro Detroit. In addition, they are the founders of Strive Empowerment Services, where they provide coaching, consulting, and family and business 

empowerment resources. Individually, they've accomplished quite a bit that has not only impacted others but also has strengthened their union.

Porsha currently serves as the Director of Growing Minds Learning, Inc. in Detroit, MI. She holds a B.A. in Corporate Finance (2011) from Wayne State University, and a Masters in Education Leadership from University of Detroit Mercy (2019).

DeAndre also known as D.R. Speaks is a certified speaker, coach, and consultant, lending his voice and expertise to organizations, ministries and couples. In addition, he is the author of two books, Greatness Unleashed: Inspire, Inform, Instruct, Impact and Good Success: God's Blueprint for Successful Living. His areas of expertise is communication, empowering people professionally, spiritually, and personally