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The Battle Is Not Yours...

Married couples, you have secret weapon in your marriage. Check out this blog entry by Mrs. Riley to learn more.

This battle isn’t yours, it’s the Lord. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s true. I’ve learned that you have to invite God in your marriage in all areas. Yield all your problems to him and watch him change your situations. He hears and answers our prayers, I’m a living witness! We win our battles in prayer.

Early in my marriage, I began to get frustrated about things. I started creating a list of both natural and spiritual things I asked God to bless me and our household with. I placed the list in my bible and would check things off as they happen. This helped build my faith and I grew spiritually. This also helped me become more detailed and focused in my prayer life. I even asked God to give me a desire to pray, study and read my word. I begin to study the Proverbs 31 woman and how can I become a better helpmeet to my husband. Then, one of my mentors at the time gave me a book “the power of a praying wife”, it blessed me with wisdom and knowledge that I was seeking for.

I have seen God’s intervention in my life and marriage over the years and I attribute it to prayer and faith in God. In essence, I’ve seen God bring us closer together because of my desire to see change in my life and marriage. God works through my husband to bless me because God answers my prayers without me telling my husband things all the time. Obviously, we’re still growing, God is faithful. My advice to husbands reading this, seek the Lord to help you guide, lead and protect your family. Don’t let your ego, arrogance or selfishness block the oneness of your marriage. I can tell DeAndre asked God to help him, because as he allows God to lead him, it answers my prayers. We are on one accord.

Young married couple, God will fight for us. Learn to accept his will and time. Don’t stress about things out of your control. God knows. Many things we have to wait patiently before God blesses us, but we will reap if we faint not! Don’t give up young married couple. It’s coming...the homes, babies, & businesses...more prosperity, wealth & blessings! Be encouraged!


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