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Make a statement with this t-shirt. Let the world know that you're Young & Married.


Don't just live life, but live purposefully. Porsha Riley a.k.a. Lady P has a gift and passion for helping individuals discover their purpose. They key to fulfillment, peace and prosperity is to discover and live your purpose.

During your session Lady P will provide you with the keys to walk in your purpose. These keys include:

  • Properly Defining Purpose

  • How to Overcomes Fears, Doubts, & Obstacles

  • Building & Maintaining Consistency

  • and more

Schedule your 60 minute session today.

W2J Communication Development w/ D.R. Speaks

The success of your marriage and relationships hinges upon your ability to effectively communicate. Communication is a skill that must be taught and learned. This program will help you to:

  • Identify which animal you are in the jungle

  • Learn how to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses

  • Understand yourself fully

  • Understand your spouse/significant other better

  • Communicate effectively

  • and Love properly

D.R. Speaks will provide you with the tools needed to secure the success you desire for your marriage. Your package includes:

  • 1 - W2J DISC Assessment for you and spouse/significant other

  • 22 Page report detailing your communication insights

  • 1 - 90 minute virtual coaching session (session done with you and spouse together)

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